Dili, 04/02/2019, There were 12 trainees from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAP-in Portuguese) made presentations after attended two weeks training related to how to enhance their abilities on collecting Corn and Rice in the field at Universitas Brawijaya Malang, Indonesia.

These two-weeks training were realized funded by the Technical Secretariat of Fundo de Desenvolvimento do Capital Humano (ST-FDCH) with a total budget of $ 31,564.80.

The Chief of the GAPPEFIV-FDCH Research Department Hermenegildo da Silva who participated in the ceremony said that this presentation from the trainees as a part for conducting an evaluation for the participants after they finalized the training.

 “One of the important roles of FDCH is evaluating all the process after you have attended the training. Today we come to hear a presentation from you on what you have learned during the training there, and bring back to implement here, this is very important “, Said Hermenegildo during the reception.

Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Maria Odete do Céo Guterres appreciated for the good cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture and fisheries with the FDCH for the realization of this training program to increase the staff’s knowledge who have participated in the training and will be back as educators to share the knowledges that they have gained to others staff in the horticultural area.

“First of all, I would like to appreciate FDCH, because of FDCH’s support and cooperation with the Ministry so you can get the opportunity to take part in the training which is very important” said the Director General.

The director emphasized that the Human Resources training is an important part that’s why the Ministry compromised and continued strengthening the cooperation with FDCH for giving training funds for staff to increase their knowledge.

However, the participants were much appreciated this opportunity for what they got but they suggested that the training should not be realized at the end of the year and all partied should have good communication to facilitate best training for trainees in the future.

In this occasion, a beneficiary for this training Jose Isaac Amaro said that the material they received during the training covered Agricultural Analysis, Pest Management, Circle Entomology, Estimation Method of Corn Production Results, Methods of Estimating rice production and extra-travel activities to the field.

The training took place at Brawijaya University Malang Indonesia. It was the first training when the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries established a cooperation agreement with the University of Indonesia. (Media FDCH)


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