DĂ­li, July 05, 2019, The Acting Interim of Executive Secretary of the Human Capital Development Fund (FDCH), Leila Carceres dos Santos, accompanied by the Coordinator of GAPPEFIV, Filomeno Lay and Head of Department DEPPEFIV, Maria Rosa Pinto held a meeting with the General Commander of the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) Commissioner Faustino da Costa at Headquarters, Caicoli, Dili.

At the meeting, the FDCH took the opportunity to inform the procedures to be followed to respond the needs of PNTL to have additional programs and also to coordinate the implementation of PNTL programs related to the development of human resources in short-term training areas and scholarships for the year 2019 and also the PNTL Human Resources Development Plan and programs for the year 2020.

This was the first meeting held between the FDCH and the PNTL Commander, Commissioner Faustino da Costa and its new structure.

The PNTL Commander appreciated the availability of the FDCH for sharing the information on existing procedures and further improves cooperation with the FDCH to see the training and fellowship program for PNTL members.

Meanwhile the PNTL as a state institution that is accredited in the FDCH, in the year 2019 received a total budget of $ 300,000.00 to finance about 15 Training programs. (Media FDCH)

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