Dili, 11/05/2019, The Human Capital Development Fund (FDCH) participates in the hearing with the G Committee of the National Parliament on Education, Youth, Culture and Citizenship to present the report on the implementation of the 2019 budget and also the Plan and the General State Budget (OGE) of the FDCH for the year 2020.

The presentation was made by the Coordinator of the Office of Administration, Finance and Internal Human Resources (GAFRHI-FDCH) Ms. Leila Carceres dos Santos accompanied by the Technical Advisor of the FDCH, Jurist, Coordinators and Heads of Department of the FDCH.

The hearing was chaired by the President-in-Office of Commission G, Mr. Sabino Soares “Guntur” with the participation of deputies who are members of that committee.

Commission G appreciates the service of the FDCH linked to the development of human resources in the country and suggests that there be good coordination with the Ministerial Lines and accredited state institutions to execute the budget based on their plans and programs foreseen in the OGE that had the approval of the National Parliament.

The $ 20 million FDCH budget for the year 2019, which finances 4 main programs, such as Vocational Training, Technical Training, Scholarship and Other Types of Training, so far the current execution for the 2019 budget has already reached 58%.

Meanwhile, the proposed FDCH OGE plan for 2020 for $ 23 million continues to fund Timor-Leste’s human resource development programs through the 4 main programs that exist in the FDCH.

For 2020, the total of Ministerial Lines and State Institutions Accredited to have access to the FDCH fund are 64 institutions.

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