D√≠li, 11/15/2019, The Executive Director of the Human Capital Development Fund (FDCH) Ms. Leila ML C√°rceres dos Santos participates in the 1st international conference in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEducation and Professional Technical Training, TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) organized by INDMO (National Institute for the Development of Labor) – SEFOPE at the Novo Turismo hotel.

National and international speakers attended the conference in order to share their experiences and relevant information, from international experts who came from the Asia and Pacific Certification and Accreditation Institution, APACC (Asia Pacific Acreditation and Certification), ILO Regional, William Angliss Institute of Melbourne-Australia and representatives of the MADEC institution as an Employer of the Sasonal Work Program, SWP (Seasonal Working Program) of Australia to give a general perspective on the development of Vocational Training linked to the needs of the labor market in the country and abroad, investment and finance, policy on standard skill development for skill development and also ways to involve the private sector or employer in industry for graduates from training centers.

From the speakers of Timor-Leste, Mr. Azevedo Marcal, PhD spoke about the Plan of Establishment of the Center of Excellence, which also needs support in terms of financial investment from the FDCH for the future.

Also the speaker Mr José Simão Barreto, Director of CNEFP Tibar, who spoke about the importance of the professional training program and its connection with the service industry.

The conference was closed by HE Mr Juli√£o da Silva – Secretary of State of SEFOPE who thanked all partners including the FDCH and hopes that the joint service will continue in the future with the new leadership of Ms. Leila C√°rceres dos Santos as Executive Director of the FDCH that recently began its mandate at the beginning of November 2019.(Media_FDCH)

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