Dili, 19/02/209, Secretary of State for Professional and Employment Training Affairs (SEFOPE-in Portuguese) Juli√£o da Silva and Executive Secretary of Fundo Desenvolvimento do Capital Humano (FDCH) Ism√©nio Martins da Silva signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Korean President Lee Jae Kwon’s Studies and Languages Program (KSLP) in the meeting room at Knua Buka Hatene SEFOPE, Caicoli Dili.

The aim of signed of the MoU between the Government and KSLP was to reactivate Korean Language training for timorese peoples after stopping for the past year. Based on the Korean Language training plan, the training preparation for Timorese peoples to work in Korea will begin in March of this year.

As per the existing agreement, this training is targeted to reach 2000 up to 2500 beneficiaries during 2019. However, the funds spent through the FDCH allocated to realize this training program for a year is US$ 824,400. The payment will be paid on monthly basis coverred salaries for teachers, transportation costs, accommodation, operational training, administrative cost and others management cost.

SEFOPE’s Secretary of State for Training and Employment Affairs Julião da Silva said the cooperation agreement between the Government of Timor-Leste and KSLP had been starting since 2012.

“We have started a cooperation agreement with KSLP since 2012, therefore, today we are starting again to provide Korean language training for all timorese peoples,” said the Secretary of State.

 Based on the existing planning that this training will begin in early March of this year and the government will look into suitable training places so that the participation rates of Timorese people are higher in the training.However the FDCH Executive Secretary Isménio Martins da Silva gave his appreciation to SEFOPE for its hard working to re-open the Korean language training this year.

“First of all, I would like to congratulate SEFOPE for its hard working in this year, after one year we are Vacuum, and through hard negotiations with the KSLP, because we have 7,500 existing numbers,¬†so I have communicated with the Secretary of State that from 7,500 those¬†have taken the training, we have to review them, maybe with the available budget, we hold a refresh course or a test so we can review this program “

. Ism√©nio Martins saidThe Executive Secretary of the FDCH said that the FDCH had an important role to play in supporting SEFOPE programs in promoting Timor-Leste’s Socio-Economic by increasing the number of workers.During the times, FDCH has been allocated more than $ 4 million to fund the Korean Language Training Program for Timorese to work outside of the country, especially in Korea. (FDCH media)


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