DILI, 21/06/2017, (FDCH) – FDCH was created with a very important role, i.e. to enhance the quality of the national human resources as a means of moving the country towards development. Thus, FDCH is now ready to enhance the capacity of Ministério Público’s staff.

The Executive Secretary to the Human Capital Development Fund (FDCH), Mr. Isménio Martins da Silva and FDCH-GAPPEFIV Coordinator, Mr. Paulo M. dos Santos, have held a meeting with the Prosecutor-General of the Republic (PGR), H.E. Dr. José da Costa Ximenes, to speak about a possible cooperation project between FDCH and PGR, in order to develop the latter’s human resources skills aiming at improving the work delivered by the Ministério Público (Public Prosecution).

In this meeting, which took place at the PGR Office in Colmera, FDCH’s Executive Secretary, Mr. Isménio Martins da Silva, congratulated the Prosecutor-General of the Republic, José da Costa Ximenes, for his second period of office from 2017 to 2022.

Mr. Isménio Martins da Silva said that FDCH was ready to focus on increasing Public Prosecution’s budget in order to improve the justice area in Timor-Leste: «Considering PGR 2018 programme, FDCH believes that training budget should be increased, being ready to deal with the issue, which will be discussed technically.»

The Prosecutor-General of the Republic, Mr. José da Costa Ximenes, has acknowledged FDCH’s support, stating that PGR’s success also comes from FDCH’s support.

«I appreciate the support offered, I am glad I have the opportunity to work with you in my second period of office,» the Prosecutor-General, José da Costa Ximenes, said.

The Public Prosecution Office (Ministério Público) is accredited by FDCH for training funds, with a 2017 total budget of $265.000 for the training of its employees.

This meeting comprised two different parts. Firstly, the two parts have extensively discussed the cooperation work towards the enhancement of PGR’s human resources by offering them the opportunity to attend professional training and scholarship programmes, aiming at the improvement of the judicial services delivered by Ministério Público. Secondly, both parts have agreed on offering two magistrates a scholarship for a Master Programme starting in 2018. These are scholarships for national institutions only. (Media FDCH)

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