DILI, 3/08/2017 (FDCH) Dr. Rui Maria de Ara√ļjo received the Acting Executive Secretary to FDCH, Ms. Leila ML Carceres dos Santos, accompanied by the Plan, Research and Verification Office Coordinator, Mr. Paulo Miguel Vila Nova dos Santos and by the Technical Consultant to FDCH, Ms. Ana Paula dos Santos, as well as the Minister of Education, Mr. Antonio da Concei√ß√£o and his delegation, to get inform about the situation relating to the 43 Timorese Fellows currently studying in Cape Verde.

This meeting took place at the Pal√°cio do Governo and it was initiated with the presentation of the research report on the problem faced by the aforementioned Timorese fellows. This report was prepared by a team composed of elements from MoE, FDCH and relevant institutions, covering the results from the research conducted in the host country of this group of Timorese students.

‚ÄúThroughout the research work, the team found out that 20 students wanted to stay in Cape Verde to continue their studies, while 23 of them wanted to come back. Nevertheless, just recently, three of those who initially wanted to return to Timor-Leste, changed their mind and they now want to stay on. This means that, right now, 23 of them wish to remain in Cape Verde, while 20 of them wish to return to Timor-Leste‚ÄĚ, explained the Minister of Education, Antonio da Concei√ß√£o.

After the presentation of the report, the Minister Antonio da Concei√ß√£o added that the Prime Minister Rui Maria de Ara√ļjo asked to give Fellows more time, i.e. one to two weeks, so that they can decide whether to stay in Cape Verde or to return to Timor-Leste.

‚ÄúThis situation will be paused for one to two weeks so that students can consciously think about it and then decide if they wish to return or if they rather stay and continue their studies there‚ÄĚ, added the Minister of Education.

An option would be to appoint an officer to go to Cape Verde to monitor and observe the students until December so that we can better understand what they really wish to do.

The Minister of Education also said that, according to the Prime Minister, the measures to be taken regarding this issue will have to be carried out by the next Government.

¬ęAccording to the Prime Minister, if these students decide to come back to Timor-Leste, they will have to go through a new application process to be able to go to Portugal or Brazil, depending on the places available, as they hold a contract linking them to a tertiary institution in Cape Verde¬Ľ, said the Minister of Education.

Students’ complains are related to the lack of security they have been experiencing since they were robbed by Cape Verdean citizens. After that incident, they asked to leave the country and to either proceed with their studies in a different country or return to Timor.

‚ÄúStudents‚Äô arguments lay, firstly, in the belated payments ‚Äď which is true, we are dealing with this problem right now; secondly, in the fact that the health system in Cape Verde has no quality ‚Äď this is normal, though, we can find that in other places too; thirdly, they refer personal safety problems, stating that they feel unsecure. Our team has been to Cape Verde to analyse and verify this whole situation and ascertain as per the justification of students‚Äô claims, however, we have, actually, concluded that they do have the necessary conditions to live there, as this country has never undergone any war; there is no threat to their security‚ÄĚ, said the Minister of Education, Ant√≥nio da Concei√ß√£o.

According to the Agreement signed between the Government of Timor-Leste and these Fellows before their departure to study abroad, the great majority is studying Education. (Media-FDCH)


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